Linesman Mexico vs Cameroon

There are somthing wrong with the linesman from Colombia. It’s should be 2-0 now but the linesman make a blind desicion. Dos Santos was on side when the 1st goal deny by linesman. He should see clearly the left back of the Cameron was line with Dos Santos. And for the second time, Mexico corner Dos Santos once more make goal by his head, but it also denied by the linesman. From the corner take, Dos Santos is line with the defense of Cameroon. The ball was through the Cameroon defender and come into Dos Santos head and he is reflect to score.
From two match that I have saw untill now, I really doubt with FIFA that select all the referee. For first match Brazil vs Croatia, Brazil shouldn’t get a penalty kick. Neymar is diving in penalty area.
So I’m starting to stop watch the world cup Brazil 2014, if next match a lot of blunder by the referee and linesman.


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