Embed stream at wordpress.com

Hello, I’m looking for the article for play a video or stream in wordpress.com. I’ve found, in the article said that actually wp.com it can’t play video because some secure issue that we can read at http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/. In the forum said that we can embed video with the old embed code called gigya shortcode. The example of the code shown below. Just copy into your new post at wordpress.com.

gigya src=”http://cdn.livestream.com/grid/LSPlayer.swf?channel=USERNAME” quality=”high” width=”650″ height=”400″

gigya src=”http://embed.break.com/ODIzNTA1″ width=”464″ height=”376″ quality=”high” wmode=”transparent” allowFullScreen=”true”

Note : You have to insert “[” at the begin and “]” at the end of the code

Have A Shiny Day 🙂


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