What is Insulated Glass?

Insulated Glass,insulating glass

Insulating glass is made by two or more than two sheets. The space between the glass is field with air or other special gases and sealed with sealants.

Fine performance

In city all kind of noises can be heard. Such as the low-frequency noise made by moving vehicle, intermediate frequency noise made by people talking and high frequency noise made by jet plane and other mechanicals. The frequency of these noises is usually between 1000-2000 Hz. The dry air in the insulating glass can efficiently prevent the dissemination of the sound wave. According to the measurement of the lab it can reduce the noise by 30-40 db.

The heat insulating and the sound insulating effect have a close relation with the air space. The glass type and spacer thickness have significant influence to its heat and sound insulation effect.

Application scope

The insulating glass has a fine performance of heat and sound insulating and much lighter comparing with the brick wall and concrete wall. To meet the requirement of energy saving the building should has, the insulating glass has been widely used in hotel, restaurant, airport, hospital, lab; and instruments, electronic, broadcast, TV, where the constant temperature and moisture, sound and heat insulating are need, also including the luxury houses, food cubicle, refrigerator and so on.

Insulating glass Features:

1) Insulating glass is by two pieces or the multi- pieces glass combination,

after two time hits the rubber but to become. It has the obvious energy

conservation efficiency

2) Sound-insulated performance, heat insulation performance, guards

against the condensation performance

3) Biggest specification: 2,450 x 3,300mm

4) Smallest specification: 350 x 250mm

5) Center spatial glass thickness: 10mm -40mm Insulated Glass


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