Anelka Ditendang dari Tim Perancis

Pada waktu istirahat paruh waktu Anelka sempat melontarkan kata-kata yang tidak patut untuk diucapkan. Anelka mengumpat “pergi sekrup diri Anda sendiri ( en. go screw yourself), anak kotor dari pela*** (dirty son of a wh***) ”  di ruang ganti pada pertandingan melawan Meksiko. Kapten tim Perancis mencoba menengahi perselisihan tersebut namun tetap ditolak oleh Domenech. Dan aksi Domenech ini juga ditentang oleh pelatih kebugaran Perancis yaitu Robert Duverne. Para pemain yang berada di lapangan kemudian kembali ke bus untuk kembali ke penginapan. Kejadian ini menjelaskan para pemain menentang kebijakan Domenech untuk memulangkan Anelka yang digantikan oleh Andre-Pierre Gignac.

Bagaimana nasib Perancis yah di Piala Dunia 2010  dan setelahnya???

The France Football Federation (FFF) said 31-year-old Anelka would leave South Africa yesterday after he refused to apologise for his “unacceptable” remarks.

“Anelka’s remarks are totally unacceptable for the FFF, French football and the values it defends,” said an FFF statement.

“Informed late in the evening on Friday about the serious incident at half-time in the match between France and Mexico, the president of the FFF, Jean-Pierre Escalettes, asked Nicolas Anelka, in the presence of captain Patrice Evra, to apologise.

“With the refusal of the player to publicly apologise, it was decided in full agreement with the coach and members of the delegation in Knysna to exclude Nicolas Anelka from the squad.

“He will leave the French training camp tonight.”

Anelka denied that he had directed a foul-mouthed outburst at coach Raymond Domenech, after he was kicked out of the French World Cup squad.

Anelka admitted having a “heated discussion” with the coach at half-time.

“I certainly had a heated discussion with the coach but it happened in the sanctity of the dressing room, between the coach and I, in front of my teammates and the team’s staff. This should never have left the dressing room,” Anelka told France-Soir newspaper. “I insist that the words which have come out in the press are not my words,” he said, although he declined to reveal exactly what he had said.

Anelka, who plays for English champions Chelsea, said: “I don’t know who it helps to spread this sort of stuff around, but certainly not the players.

“It has never been my aim to destabilise the France team, which is an institution I respect,” he said.

FFF vice-president Noel Le Graet said Anelka’s behaviour was even more inexplicable because Domenech has championed the cause of the 31-year-old striker over the past two years even when his performances for France had been criticised


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