South Korea Squad World Cup 2010

1 Woon-Jae LEE Goalkeeper 6 Bo-Kyung Kim Midfielder
18 Sung-Ryong JUNG Goalkeeper 7 Ji-Sung PARK Midfielder
21 Young-Kwang KIM Goalkeeper 8 Jung-Woo KIM Midfielder
2 Beom-Suk OH Defender 13 Jae-Sung Kim Midfielder
3 Hyung-Il KIM Defender 16 Sung-Yueng KI Midfielder
4 Yong-Hyung Cho Defender 17 Chung-Yong LEE Midfielder
12 Young Pyo LEE Defender 9 Jung-Hwan Ahn Striker
14 Jung-Soo LEE Defender 10 Chu-Young PARK Striker
15 Dong-Jin KIM Defender 11 Seung-Yeoul LEE Striker
22 Du-Ri Cha Defender 19 Ki-Hun YEOM Striker
23 Min-Soo Kang Defender 20 Dong-Gook Lee Striker
5 Nam-Il KIM Midfielder – Jung-Moo Huh Manager/Coach

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